Ionic conductivity of fluorite-structured solid solution Y0.8Nb0.2O1.7

Jin Ho Lee, Msatomo Yashima, Masahiro Yoshimura

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A fluorite-structured solid solution Y0.8Nb0.2O1.7 was prepared by a solid-state reaction at 1709°C and 1500°C. The electrical conductivity of Y0.8Nb0.2O1.7 prepared at 1700°C was studied as a function of temperature, Po2, and annealing time at 1000°C by an AC 2-probe method. The Y0.8Nb0.2O1.7 exhibited not only the highest conductivity among the samples in the Y2O3-Nb2O5 system but also a very wide Po2 range of ionic domain. The sample showed slightly decreased conductivity after the annealing time at 1000°C, but did not reveal any phase decomposition even after 370 h. These results suggest that Y0.8Nb0.2O1.7 is a promising material for an oxygen-ion conductor.

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期刊Solid State Ionics
出版狀態Published - 1998 三月 1

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