Iterative Hard-Decision Decoding Algorithms for Binary Reed-Muller Codes

Yong Ting Ni, Duc Nhat Nguyen, Feng Kai Liao, Tzu Chieh Kao, Chao Yu Chen

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In this paper, novel hard-decision iterative decoding algorithms for binary Reed-Muller (RM) codes are presented. First, two algorithms are devised based on the majority-logic decoding algorithm with reliability measures of the received sequence. The bit-flipping (BF) and the normalized bit-flipping (NBF) decoding algorithms are hard-decision decoding algorithms. According to the updated hard reliability measures, the BF and NBF algorithms flip one bit of the received hard-decision sequence at a time in each iteration. The NBF decoding algorithm performs better than the BF decoding algorithm by normalizing the reliability measures of the information bits. Moreover, the BF and NBF algorithms are modified to flip multiple bits in one iteration to reduce the average number of iterations. The modified decoding algorithms are called the multiple-bits-flipping (MBF) algorithm and the normalized multiple-bits-flipping (NMBF) algorithm, respectively. The proposed algorithms have low computational complexities and can converge rapidly after a small number of iterations. The simulation results show that the proposed hard-decision decoding algorithms outperform the conventional decoding algorithm.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 2022

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