Kinematics and kinetics of the lower extremities of young and elder women during stairs ascent while wearing low and high-heeled shoes

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The effect of the heel height on the temporal, kinematic and kinetic parameters was investigated in 16 young and 11 elderly females. Kinematic and kinetic data were collected when the subjects ascended stairs with their preferred speed in two conditions: wearing low-heeled shoes (LHS), and high-heeled shoes (HHS). The younger adults showed more adjustments in forces and moments at the knee and hip in frontal and transverse planes. Besides a few significantly changes in joint forces and moments, the elder group demonstrated longer cycle duration and double stance phase, larger trunk sideflexion and hip internal rotation, less hip adduction while wearing HHS. Most differences in joint motions between two groups were found at the hip and knee either in LHS or HHS condition. Instead, the differences in moment occurred at the hip joint and only in HHS. The interaction of the heel height and age showed the influences of heel height on trunk rotation, hip abduction/adduction, and knee and hip force and moment at the frontal plane depended on age. These phenomena suggest that younger and elderly women adapt their gait and postural control differently during stair ascent (SA) while wearing HHS. Crown

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期刊Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology
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