Large-area electrospray-deposited nanocrystalline Cu: XO hole transport layer for perovskite solar cells

Ian Y.Y. Bu, Yaw Shyan Fu, Jian Fu Li, Tzung Fang Guo

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Spin-coating deposition is widely employed for the fabrication of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) due to its conformal coating ability and simple set-up. Although spin-coating deposition is a proven technique for obtaining high-performance PSCs, it is a single-substrate process with low throughput and is therefore unsuitable for commercial PSC production. Herein, we report an industrial-production-compatible electrospray deposition process for the preparation of the hole transport layer (HTL) and active layer in PSCs. Using electrosprayed CuXO as the HTL, we fabricated a solar cell with a power conversion efficiency of 5.83%, a short-circuit current density of 17.22 mA cm2, an open circuit voltage of 0.7 V, and a fill factor of 0.48. This device outperforms PSCs (with identical device structure) fabricated using a PEDOT:PSS film (efficiency: 4.01%).

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期刊RSC Advances
出版狀態Published - 2017

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