Large optical nonlinearity enabled by coupled metallic quantum wells

Haoliang Qian, Shilong Li, Ching Fu Chen, Su Wen Hsu, Steven Edward Bopp, Qian Ma, Andrea R. Tao, Zhaowei Liu

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New materials that exhibit strong second-order optical nonlinearities at a desired operational frequency are of paramount importance for nonlinear optics. Giant second-order susceptibility χ (2) has been obtained in semiconductor quantum wells (QWs). Unfortunately, the limited confining potential in semiconductor QWs causes formidable challenges in scaling such a scheme to the visible/near-infrared (NIR) frequencies for more vital nonlinear-optic applications. Here, we introduce a metal/dielectric heterostructured platform, i.e., TiN/Al 2 O 3 epitaxial multilayers, to overcome that limitation. This platform has an extremely high χ (2) of approximately 1500 pm/V at NIR frequencies. By combining the aforementioned heterostructure with the large electric field enhancement afforded by a nanostructured metasurface, the power efficiency of second harmonic generation (SHG) achieved 10 −4 at an incident pulse intensity of 10 GW/cm 2 , which is an improvement of several orders of magnitude compared to that of previous demonstrations from nonlinear surfaces at similar frequencies. The proposed quantum-engineered heterostructures enable efficient wave mixing at visible/NIR frequencies into ultracompact nonlinear optical devices.

期刊Light: Science and Applications
出版狀態Published - 2019 12月 1

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