Lasing in whispering gallery mode in ZnO nanonails

D. Wang, H. W. Seo, C. C. Tin, M. J. Bozack, J. R. Williams, M. Park, Y. Tzeng

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We report on the observation of ultraviolet lasing in optically pumped ZnO nanonails synthesized by thermal chemical vapor deposition method. The lasing threshold was found to be 17 MW cm-2. Very sharp emission peaks (full width at half maximum of 0.08 nm) were observed in the emission spectrum, indicating a high Q factor of the cavity formed by the hexagonally shaped nanonail head. The analysis of the lasing spectra strongly suggests the whispering gallery mode lasing from a hexagonally shaped head of the single ZnO nanonail.

期刊Journal of Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 2006 五月 1

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    Wang, D., Seo, H. W., Tin, C. C., Bozack, M. J., Williams, J. R., Park, M., & Tzeng, Y. (2006). Lasing in whispering gallery mode in ZnO nanonails. Journal of Applied Physics, 99(9), [093112].