The effect of task complexity on handwriting kinetics

Yu Chen Lin, Yen Li Chao, Chieh Hsiang Hsu, Hsiao Man Hsu, Po Tsun Chen, Li Chieh Kuo

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Background.: Knowledge regarding the relationship between writing kinetics and the difference among writing tasks is limited. Purpose.: This study examined the differences in handwriting performance when doing tasks with different levels of challenge from both temporal and kinetic perspectives among children in four different age groups. Method.: The cross-sectional design introduced a force-acquisition pen to detect differences of pen grip and writing kinetics among 170 school-age children doing writing tasks at different difficulty levels. Data were obtained on the force information of the digits and pen tip and the kinetic parameters to examine the coordination-and-control mechanism between the digits and pen. Statistical analyzes were carried out to indicate the differences in writing performance among groups and tasks. Findings.: Statistical differences in the pen-grip forces, force fluctuation, and force ratio between grip and pen-tip forces were found when performing different writing tasks and among different age groups. Implications.: The study provides an alternative method to explore how writing performance among school-age children can vary according to the difficulty of the writing tasks.

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期刊Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy
出版狀態Published - 2019 4月 1

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