LiFeAs: An intrinsic FeAs-based superconductor with Tc = 18 K

Joshua H. Tapp, Zhongjia Tang, Bing Lv, Kalyan Sasmal, Bernd Lorenz, Paul C.W. Chu, Arnold M. Guloy

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The synthesis and properties of LiFeAs, a high- Tc Fe-based superconducting stoichiometric compound, are reported. Single crystal x-ray studies reveal that it crystallizes in the tetragonal PbFCl type (P4/nmm) with a=3.7914 (7) Å and c=6.364 (2) Å. Unlike the known isoelectronic undoped intrinsic FeAs compounds, LiFeAs does not show any spin-density wave behavior but exhibits superconductivity at ambient pressures without chemical doping. It exhibits a respectable transition temperature of Tc =18 K with electronlike carriers and a very high critical field, Hc2 (0) >80 T. LiFeAs appears to be the chemical equivalent of the infinite layered compound of the high- Tc cuprates.

期刊Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版狀態Published - 2008 8月 18

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