Linear variable-stiffness mechanisms based on preloaded curved beams

Yi Syuan Wu, Chao Chieh Lan

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A machine with an internal variable-stiffness mechanism can adapt its output force to the working environment. In the literature, linear variable-stiffness mechanisms (LVSMs) are rarer than those producing rotary motion. This paper presents the design of a class of novel LVSMs. The idea is to parallel connect two lateral curved beams with an axial spring. Through preload adjustment of the curved beams, the output force-to-displacement curves can exhibit different stiffness. The merit of the proposed LVSMs is that very large-stiffness variation can be achieved in a compact space. The stiffness can even be tuned to zero by assigning the appropriate stiffness to the axial spring. LVSMs with pinned curved beams and fixed curved beams are investigated. To achieve the largest stiffness variation with sufficient linearity, the effects of various parameters on the force curves are discussed. Techniques to scale an LVSM and change the equilibrium position are introduced to increase the usefulness of the proposed design. Finally, the LVSMs are experimentally verified through prototypes.

期刊Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME
出版狀態Published - 2014 12月 1

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