Liquid biphasic systems for oil-rich algae bioproducts processing

Hui Yi Leong, Chih Kai Chang, Jun Wei Lim, Pau Loke Show, Dong Qiang Lin, Jo Shu Chang

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Oleaginous algae are nowadays of significance for industrial biotechnology applications and for the welfare of society. Tremendous efforts have been put into the development of economically feasible and effective downstream processing techniques in algae research. Currently, Liquid Biphasic Systems (LBSs) are receiving much attention from academia and industry for their potential as green and effective downstream processing methods. This article serves to review the applications of LBSs (LBS and Liquid Biphasic Flotation System (LBFS)) in the separation, recovery and purification of algae products, as well as their basic working principles. Moreover, cell disruptive technologies incorporated into LBSs in algae research are reported. This review provides insights into the downstream processing in algae industrial biotechnology which could be beneficial for algae biorefinement.

期刊Sustainability (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2019 9月

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