Long-range surface magnetoplasmon on thin plasmon films in the voigt configuration

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This study elucidates the characteristics of a long-range surface magnetoplasmon (LRSMP) that propagates on a plasmon film with the Voigt configuration. Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations and theoretical analyses are performed. Simulation results indicate that LRSMP has nonsymmetrical fields. The proposed scheme also verifies the non-reciprocal properties of LRSMP as the direction of an applied external magnetic field is reversed. When surface waves propagate on a plasmon film across an interface on one side of which long-range surface plasmon (LRSP) is allowed while on the other side of which LRSMP is allowed, the interface behaves similar to a defect and transforms the surface waves into radiation modes owing to the mismatch between the field patterns of LRSP and LRSMP. Furthermore, PIC simulation results confirm the presence of a new high-frequency LRSMP whose frequency exceeds the plasma frequency and lacks a LRSP counterpart.

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期刊Optics Express
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