Low-cost and easily fabricated ultrasound-guided breast phantom for breast biopsy training

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We aimed to develop an inexpensive and easy-to-fabricate gelatin-based training phantom for improving the breast biopsy skill and confidence level of residents. Young’s modulus and acoustic properties of the gelatin tissue phantom and simulated tumors were investigated. Six residents were requested to evaluate the effectiveness of the breast phantom. The results showed that 83% (n = 5) of the participants agreed that the ultrasound image quality produced by the breast phantom was excellent or good. Only 17% (n = 1) of the participants claimed that there was room for improvement for the haptic feedback they received during the placement of the core needle into the breast phantom. The mean pre-instructional score was 17% (SD 17%) for all participants. The mean post-instructional score was 83% (SD 17%), giving an overall improvement of 67%. In conclusion, the mean needle biopsy skill and confidence levels of the participants substantially increased through simulation training on our breast phantom. The participants’ feedback showed the phantom is sufficiently realistic in terms of ultrasound imaging and haptic feedback during needle insertion; thus, the training outcome can be linked to the performance of residents when they perform a live biopsy.

期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2021 8月 2

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