Low-loss microwave dielectric material based on magnesium titanate

Chuan Feng Shih, Wei Min Li, Kuo Shin Tung, Wen Dong Hsu

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Low-loss ilmenite magnesium titanate was synthesized from TiO2 and MgO powders prepared separately from chemical solutions. Both of these starting materials were very fine and had a high specific area. MgTiO 3 ceramic had a high quality factor (Q × f) of ∼186 000 GHz when reactive sintering (calcination free) was adopted at 1400°C for 4 h. Moreover, a very high Q × f value of 368 000 GHz (at 10 GHz) was observed when classical solid-state sintering, in which the sintering temperature was as low as 1300°C for 4 h, was applied. The possible mechanism that caused the variation in Q × f values for samples prepared by different sintering processes and initial powders were presented. The proposed low-loss MgTiO 3 is very promising for microwave or millimeter-wave applications.

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期刊Journal of the American Ceramic Society
出版狀態Published - 2010 9月

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  • 陶瓷和複合材料
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