Low-loss microwave dielectrics of Li2(1–x)MxWO4 (M= Mg, Zn; x= 0.01–0.09) for ULTCC applications

Tsung Hsien Hsu, Cheng Liang Huang

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Li2(1–x)MxWO4 (M = Mg, Zn; x = 0.01–0.09) ceramics with an ultra-low sintering temperature of 540 °C were prepared by solid-state synthesis and their structural characteristics and microwave dielectric properties were systematically investigated. By replacing Li with 0.05 mol% Mg or 0.07 mol% Zn, the sintering temperature of the Li2WO4 dielectric could be brought down from 660 to 540 °C along with the combined dielectric properties of the εr of 6.2 and 5.8, a Q × f of 76,000 and 68,000 GHz, and the τf of −94 and −86 ppm/°C, respectively. The corrected dielectric constant was found to be proportional to the ratio of αD(dielectric polarizability)/Vm(molecular volume). The results showed that the Q × f values could be dramatically improved by increasing the density, packing fraction and lattice energy. Moreover, the τf values of ceramics render a similar variation tendency by shifting linearly toward zero as the Vcation increases. The Li2(1–x)MxWO4 ceramic is a glass-free, phase pure, and energy-saving dielectric ideal for ULTCC applications.

期刊Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing
出版狀態Published - 2023 5月

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