Low Temperature cofired soft ferrites for high frequency applications

Hsing I. Hsiang, Chi Shiung Hsi, Xiao Ci Hsu

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The demand for small-sized multilayer LC filters has rapidly increased. One of the most important processes in manufacturing defect-free integrated multilayer magnetic components involves magnetic materials, high-dielectric- constant LTCC material and silver cofiring at a low temperature. This study develops low sintering temperature (below 900°C) Ba2Zn 0.95Co0.8Cu0.4Fe11.98O22 (Co2Y) ferrites with superior magnetic properties added with Zn-B-Si glass. The cofiring behaviour and interfacial interactions between high-dielectric-constant BaO(Nd0.8Bi0.2)2O 34TiO2 ceramics (BNBT) ceramics/Co2Y ferrites at 900°C were studied using XRD, dilatometer, SEM, EPMA and TEM. It was observed that 4wt% Zn-B-Si glass addition can effectively promote Co 2Y ferrite densification and magnetic properties. The interfaces between the 4wt% Zn-B-Si glass-added Co2Y ferrites and BNBT ceramics layers after cofiring were free of delamination or gaps, indicating that the Co2Y ferrites and BNBT ceramics exhibited excellent physical and chemical compatibilities during cofiring.

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出版狀態Published - 2012 一月 1

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