Magnetic anomalies and spin-glass-like behavior in Ce 2CuGe 6

J. J. Lu, T. S. Mo, K. J. Gan, J. F. Chou, M. K. Lee

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A Ce-based intermetallic compound Ce 2CuGe 6 and its La analogue La 2CuGe 6 were synthesized and examined by X-ray powder diffraction, electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, X-ray absorption spectrum and specific-heat measurements. The results reveal that Ce 2CuGe 6 is an antiferromagnetic Kondo-lattice compound with T N 15 K. The effective moment deduced from paramagnetic region is 2.58 μ B per cerium ion, which is close to localized Ce 3+ free ion in 2F 5/2 state. X-ray absorption measurement also precluded the existence of an intermediate valence state. The magnetic entropy calculated from heat capacity specific-heat measurement suggested a doublet ground state. In addition, we also observed a spin-glass-like behavior in this material. The spin-glass-like behavior might be due to the complex interplay between magnetic interactions.

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期刊Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
出版狀態Published - 2011 八月

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