Magnetic correlations in the intermetallic antiferromagnet Nd3Co4Sn13

C. W. Wang, J. W. Lin, C. S. Lue, H. F. Liu, C. N. Kuo, R. A. Mole, J. S. Gardner

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Specific heat, magnetic susceptibility, and neutron scattering have been used to investigate the nature of the spin system in the antiferromagnet Nd3Co4Sn13. At room temperature Nd3Co4Sn13 has a cubic, Pm-3n structure similar to Yb3Rh4Sn13. Antiferromagnetic interactions between, Nd3+ ions dominate the magnetic character of this sample and at 2.4 K the Nd spins enter a long range order state with a magnetic propagation vector q = (0 0 0) with an ordered moment of 1.78(2) μB at 1.5 K. The magnetic Bragg intensity grows very slowly below 1 K, reaching ∼2.4 μB at 350 mK. The average magnetic Nd3+ configuration corresponds to the 3D irreducible representation F7. This magnetic structure can be viewed as three sublattices of antiferromagnetic spin chains coupled with each other in the 120°-configuration. A well-defined magnetic excitation was measured around the 1 1 1 zone centre and the resulting dispersion curve is appropriate for an antiferromagnet with a gap of 0.20(1) meV.

期刊Journal of Physics Condensed Matter
出版狀態Published - 2017 九月 21

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  • Condensed Matter Physics

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