Magnetic phase diagram and magnetoelectric properties of [formula omitted]

R. P. Chaudhury, B. Lorenz, Y. Y. Sun, L. N. Bezmaternykh, V. L. Temerov, C. W. Chu

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The magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of a single crystal of [formula omitted] have been investigated along the main crystallographic directions. The spontaneous polarization starts increasing below the Neel temperature [formula omitted] and it displays a sudden drop at 4.8 K. This sharp decrease suggests the existence of a spin reorientation phase transition. In this compound, both spontaneous polarization and the polarization due to the magnetoelectric effect exist. Detailed study of the effect of magnetic field on the polarization and the spin rotation transition has been performed. Specific heat and magnetization measurements show characteristic anomalies at both magnetic transitions. The magnetic field [formula omitted]-temperature phase diagram has completely been resolved for [formula omitted] and [formula omitted] axes.

期刊Journal of Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 2010 5月 1

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