Magnetic properties of porous glass-CuO nanocomposites

E. V. Charnaya, M. K. Lee, C. Tien, V. N. Pak, D. V. Formus, A. L. Pirozerskii, A. I. Nedbai, E. V. Ubyivovk, S. V. Baryshnikov, L. J. Chang

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The magnetization of the porous glass nanocomposite with CuO nanoparticles embedded in the pores has been studied in the temperature range from 1. 8 to 350 K for different pore fillings. It has been shown that the magnetic properties of these nanocomposites depend significantly on pore filling. It has been found that, in the low-temperature range for the nanocomposite with a pore filling of 55% and for pressed CuO, the ZFC and FC susceptibilities diverge, a feature which has been almost absent in the nanocomposite with 21% filling. It has been demonstrated that the kink in the temperature dependence of magnetization, which corresponds to the paramagnetic-multiferroic phase transition, does not shift in the sample with a larger pore filling as compared to that observed in the bulk sample.

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期刊Physics of the Solid State
出版狀態Published - 2012 9月

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