Manifestation of thrombocytopenia in dengue-2-virus-infected mice

K. J. Huang, S. Y.J. Li, S. C. Chen, H. S. Liu, Y. S. Lin, T. M. Yeh, C. C. Liu, H. Y. Lei

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Dengue virus infection causes dengue fever, dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome. No animal model is available that mimics these clinical manifestations. In this study, the establishment is reported of a murine model for dengue virus infection that resembles the thrombocytopenia manifestation. Dengue-2 virus (dengue virus type 2) can infect murine cells either in vitro (primary cell culture) or in vivo. Viraemia detected by RT-PCR was found transiently at 2 days after intravenous injection of dengue-2 virus. Transient thrombocytopenia developed at 10-13 days after primary or secondary infection. Anti-platelet antibody was generated after dengue-2 virus infection. There was strain variation in dengue-2 virus infection; the A/J strain was more sensitive than BALB/c or B6 mice. This dengue-2-virus-infected mouse system accompanied by thrombocytopenia and anti-platelet antibody will be a valuable model to study the pathogenicity of dengue virus infection.

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期刊Journal of General Virology
出版狀態Published - 2000

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