Manipulation of the crystallinity boundary of pulsed laser deposited high-k HfO2-TiO2-Y2O3 combinatorial thin films

J. L. Klamo, P. K. Schenck, P. G. Burke, K. S. Chang, M. L. Green

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Combinatorial library films of HfO2-TiO2-Y 2O3, a high-k dielectric system, grown by pulsed laser deposition, exhibit visible boundary lines separating amorphous and crystalline phases. By changing processing space parameters, specifically substrate temperature during deposition, as well as the composition of the library film, we are able to manipulate the boundary and hence, the microstructural properties of the film. High-throughput x-ray diffraction and spectroscopic reflectometry are effective tools for measuring the properties of the resulting library films altered via these changes in processing. Electrical measurements confirm that the dielectric constant of the library films is composition and microstructure dependent.

期刊Journal of Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 2010

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