貢獻的翻譯標題: 微結構之製造方法

Yung-Chun Lee (Inventor), Chi-cheng Chiu (Inventor)

研究成果: Patent


A manufacturing method of microstructure comprises steps of: a motion determination step which determines the motion of a substrate relative to at least a photomask; a microlens determination step which determines the profile of a microlens unit on the substrate; an analysis step which calculates the feature of the photomask according to the motion of the substrate and the profile of the microlens unit by using a numerical analysis method; a production step which produces the photomask according to the feature of the photomask; driving the substrate to do the motion determined in the motion determination step, and meanwhile making a laser light illuminate the substrate through the photomask to manufacture the microlens unit on the substrate by the superposition effect of the laser light; and performing a photolithography process by using the microlens unit to produce a microstructure on a photoresist substrate.
出版狀態Published - 1800

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