Measurement of cutting tool temperature by an infrared pyrometer

J. Lin, C. Y. Liu

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An infrared (IR) pyrometer system with an optical fibre was developed for measuring the temperature of a cutting tool during turning. The temperature reading of the pyrometer system was compared with the micrographs of the tool steels under welding conditions similar to those of cutting. It can be seen that the temperature of the tool measured by the IR pyrometer with an optical fibre is more accurate than that obtained by other on-line methods such as the conventional thermocouple technique. A one-dimensional ellipsoidal mapping system based on a model mapping of the temperature contours in the cutting tool was adopted in this study. It was used as an extrapolation scheme to predict the tool-chip temperature from the surface temperature measured near the cutting edge. There is a good agreement between the calculations and the metallurgical evidence for ceramic and carbide tools at cutting speeds up to 600 m min-1.

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期刊Measurement Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2001 8月

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