Measurements of residual defects and 1/f noise in lon-implanted p-channel MOSFET's

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This paper describes the measurements of excess noise and residual defects of extremely low concentrations (Ã1 X 109cm-2) in ion-implanted p-channel MOSFET's. The activation energy and the density of the residual defects after high-temperature annealing were measured using a transient capacitance technique. The test FET's were ion-implanted with fluences of 5 X 1011to 4 X 1012 using31p+, 11B+, or28Si+species. A post-implant anneal was carried out in an N2or an Ar ambient for 20 min at various temperatures. For11B+-implanted MOSFET's after annealing above 1000°C, a high residual defect concentration was observed near the conduction band edge; whereas after annealing the defect density as a result of28si+or31p+implantation was equal to that of control MOSFET's. The density-of-state data agree with the equilibrium measurements of excess (1/f) noise power. The excess noise was measured as a function of the drain current. The distribution of 1/f noise power versus potential minimum of holes in the equilibrium condition is similar to that of interface state density. In nonequilibrium operation, a reduction of excess noise was achieved owing to the presence of buried channel created by ion implant.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
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