Mechanical properties of a composite wax model material simulating plastic flow of metals

R. S. Lee, T. Z. Blazynski

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Although the use of non-metallic, model materials for the simulation of plastic deformations of engineering alloys is well established in research laboratories, the search for the "perfect" material still continues. It is highly unlikely that a successful conclusion will be reached in the foreseeable futre, but the exploration of the properties of the existing materials reveals that they often possess considerable versatility. If this is utilised in small scale, laboratory experiments, the patterns of flow and the response of the prototype to the changing manufacturing conditions can be studied at a relatively low cost since no production plant need be involved. The present experimental investigation provides numerical data which indicate the ability of a ceresin, Carnauba, paraffin and beeswax mixture to represent satisfactorily a variety of metal-forming conditions.

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期刊Journal of Mechanical Working Technology
出版狀態Published - 1984 五月


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