Metal-Organic Framework-Derived Electrocatalysts Competent for the Conversion of Acrylonitrile to Adiponitrile

Yi Ching Wang, Jia Hui Yen, Chi Wei Huang, Tzu En Chang, You Liang Chen, Yu Hsiu Chen, Chia Yu Lin, Chung Wei Kung

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Electrochemical conversion of acrylonitrile (AN) to produce adiponitrile (ADN), the raw material for the production of Nylon 66, has become a crucial process owing to the increasing market demand of Nylon 66. Although the metallic Pb or Cd electrodes are commonly used for this reaction, the use of electrocatalysts or electrodes modified with catalysts has been barely investigated. In this study, nanoporous and electrically conductive metal-organic framework (MOF)-derived materials composed of Pb, PbO, and carbon are synthesized by carbonizing a Pb-based MOF through thermal treatments, and these MOF-derived materials are served as electrocatalysts for the electrosynthesis of ADN. The crystallinity, morphology, elemental composition, porosity, electrical conductivity, and electrochemically active surface area of each MOF-derived material are investigated. Mass-transport-corrected Tafel analysis is used to probe the enhanced kinetics for the electrochemical reduction of AN occurring at the electrode modified with the MOF-derived material. Electrolytic experiments at various applied potentials are conducted to quantify the production rate and Faradaic efficiency toward ADN, and the result shows that the MOF-derived materials can act as electrocatalysts to initiate the electrochemical reduction of AN to produce ADN at a reduced overpotential. The optimal MOF-derived electrocatalyst can achieve a Faradaic efficiency of 67% toward ADN at an applied potential of -0.85 V versus reversible hydrogen electrode─a much lower overpotential compared to that typically required for this reaction without the use of catalysts. Findings here shed light on the design and development of advanced electrocatalysts to boost the performances for the electrosynthesis of ADN.

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期刊ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
出版狀態Published - 2022 8月 10

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