Metalens for light field imaging

Cheng Hung Chu, Mu Ku Chen, Hsin Yu Kuo, Ren Jie Lin, Shuming Wang, Vin Cent Su, Tsung Lin Chung, Jia Wern Chen, Yi Teng Huang, Pin Chieh Wu, Tao Li, Shining Zhu, Din Ping Tsai

研究成果: Conference contribution


We use a 60 × 60 dielectric achromatic metalens array to capture multidimensional optical information including both image and depth. The scene can be reconstructed slice by slice from a series of rendered full-color images.

主出版物子標題QELS_Fundamental Science, CLEO_QELS 2019
發行者OSA - The Optical Society
出版狀態Published - 2019 一月 1
事件CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, CLEO_QELS 2019 - San Jose, United States
持續時間: 2019 五月 52019 五月 10


名字Optics InfoBase Conference Papers
Part F128-CLEO_QELS 2019


ConferenceCLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, CLEO_QELS 2019
國家United States
城市San Jose

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
  • Mechanics of Materials

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    Chu, C. H., Chen, M. K., Kuo, H. Y., Lin, R. J., Wang, S., Su, V. C., Chung, T. L., Chen, J. W., Huang, Y. T., Wu, P. C., Li, T., Zhu, S., & Tsai, D. P. (2019). Metalens for light field imaging. 於 CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, CLEO_QELS 2019 (Optics InfoBase Conference Papers; 卷 Part F128-CLEO_QELS 2019). OSA - The Optical Society.