Methanol partial oxidation accompanied by heat recirculation in a Swiss-roll reactor

Wei Hsin Chen, Yu Zhi Guo, Chih Chun Chen

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Hydrogen production with high efficiency is a crucial issue for prospective hydrogen economy and carbon emission reduction. Methanol partial oxidation triggered over an h-BN-Pt/Al2O3 catalyst from a cold start in a Swiss-roll reactor with heat recirculation are investigated experimentally. The effects of methanol flow rate (0.5 and 0.6 mL min−1), O2 concentration (21–35 vol%), and O2-to-methanol (O2/M) molar ratio (1.0–3.0) on the performance of methanol partial oxidation are examined. Heat exchange by transferring the excess enthalpy in the product gas to the feed gas is achieved in the reactor where the temperature of the feed gas before entering the catalyst bed can be promoted to around 100 °C. The experimental results indicate that a methanol flow rate of 0.5 mL min−1 leads to more H2 production compared to those obtained with a flow rate of 0.6 mL min−1. In the conducted Swiss-roll reactor, oxygen supply plays an important role in accomplishing the partial oxidation, and the O2/M ratio should be controlled beyond 1.0. By increasing the O2 concentration, the H2 concentration at O2/M = 1.5 increases from 18.5 to 21.8%. However, the H2 yield decreases, resulting from progressively dominant combustion mechanism. At a fixed gas hourly space velocity of 10,000 h−1, the optimal O2/M ratio for H2 production is 2.5, for which the H2 concentration and H2 yield are 23.5% and 1.93 mol (mol methanol)−1, respectively. The highest H2 yield is close to the theoretical result. Overall, methanol partial oxidation along with heat recirculation in the Swiss-roll reactor can efficiently produce H2, and the excess enthalpy recovery in the reactor can improve energy utilization.

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期刊Applied Energy
出版狀態Published - 2018 十二月 15

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