Micro-patterning of multiple organic molecules by laser implantation

M. Goto, J. Hobley, T. Oishi, A. Kasahara, M. Tosa, K. Yoshihara, M. Kishimoto, H. Fukumura

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Micrometer pixelated arrays comprised of different functional organic molecules were formed on a polymer film using a laser implantation and transfer dry processing technique. The spatial distribution of the implanted organic molecules and the extended pattern that they formed could be controlled with high resolution as determined using fluorescence microscopy. The individual molecular implant pixels had a diameter of less than 4 μm. This method of molecular manipulation is both precise and reproducible and could therefore be used in many applications such as molecular devices, molecular sensors, non-linear optical devices, drug delivery and opto-electronic displays.

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期刊Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
出版狀態Published - 2004 六月

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