Microscopic FTIR studies of lung cancer cells in pleural fluid

H. P. Wang, H. C. Wang, Y. J. Huang

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Structural changes associated with lung cancer and tuberculous cells in pleural fluid were studied by microscopic FTIR spectroscopy. Infrared spectra demonstrate significant spectral differences between normal, lung cancer and tuberculous cells. The ratio of the peak intensities of the 1030 and 1080 cm-1 bands (originated mainly in glycogen and phosphodiester groups of nucleic acids) differs greatly between normal and lung cancer samples. Such findings prompt the consideration that recording infrared spectra from lung cancer and tuberculous cells may be of diagnostic value. Since measurements of IR spectra of lung cancer cells in the pleural fluid can be a very rapid inexpensive process, our finding warrant exploration of this possibility in the investigation of the mechanism whereby the environmental pollution related cancers develop.

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期刊Science of the Total Environment
出版狀態Published - 1997 10月 1

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