Microstructures and mechanical properties of Sn-9Zn-xGa alloy

Fei Yi Hung, Truan Sheng Lui, Li Hui Chen, Ping Hui Chen

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The Sn-9Zn-xGa (x=0, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 wt.%) alloy was used to explore the room temperature tensile properties first, and the 1.5Ga specimen was selected to investigate the tensile deformation mechanism in 120°C afterwards. The results indicate that increasing the Ga content not only dispersed the needle-like Zn-rich phases, but also caused the tensile strength and hardness to increase. In addition, the Ga element was solid solution mostly in the β-Sn phases and the bar-like Zn-rich phases. After high temperature tensile testing, the tensile strength of the Sn-9Zn-xGa specimen were higher than the 9Zn specimen. Also, the solid solution effect improved the oxidative behavior of the present alloy and raised the high temperature deformed resistance.

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期刊Key Engineering Materials
345-346 I
出版狀態Published - 2007

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  • 材料科學(全部)
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