Microstructures of admixed amalgams produced from Pd-containing dispersants

J. H. Chern Lin, K. H. Chung, E. H. Greener

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Blended Pd-containing dental amalgams were developed by substituting Pd for up to 20 w/o Ag or Cu in the AgCu eutectic alloy. Melted ingots were lathe-comminuted to a particle size distribution of 1-45 μm. Alloy blends were created from two parts of a traditional amalgam and one part of experimental AgCuPd particles. Amalgams with from 0.42 to 1.67 w/o Pd were fabricated by trituration of alloys and mercury at a Hg/alloy ratio of 1:1 with a mechanical triturator at 5000 rpm for 10 s and handcondensed. XRD studies of these amalgams revealed the suppression of η′ (Cu6Sn5) phase with Pd addition and no γ2 (Sn8Hg) phase found. At 3.3 w/o pd, the η′ (Cu6Sn5) concentration of the amalgam was below the detection limit of the instrumentation (1%). SEM micrographs revealed that reaction zones around eutectic particles decreased with increased Pd concentration.

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期刊Dental Materials
出版狀態Published - 1992 3月

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