Microwave dielectric characteristics of (Mg 0.95M 0.05)Ta 2O 6 (M = Ni, Zn, Mn) Ceramic Series

Cheng Liang Huang, Jhih Yong Chen

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The (Mg 0.95M 0.05)Ta 2O 6 (M = Ni, Zn, Mn) ceramics are prepared through the solid-state ceramic route and their microwave dielectric properties are investigated as a function of ionic radius difference of M and Mg. The forming of (Mg 0.95M 0.05) Ta 2O 6 solid solutions were confirmed by the XRD analysis and the measured lattice parameters and the ceramics showed a nonlinear variation of dielectric properties with the sintering temperature. In addition, the sintering temperature has slight effect on dielectric constant and temperature coefficient of resonant frequency, but significant on Q × f value. In particularly, (Mg 0.95Ni 0.05)Ta 2O 6 shows a relatively high Q × f of 88,300 GHz along with a dielectric constant of 28.73 and a τ f of 44.9 ppm/°C, indicating the dielectric can be used for high-frequency applications.

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期刊Materials Letters
出版狀態Published - 2012 六月 1

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