Microwave dielectric properties of (1 - X)(Mg 0.95Ni 0.05)TiO 3-x(Ca 0.8Sr 0.2)TiO 3 ceramic system with near-zero temperature coefficient

Chun Hsu Shen, Cheng Liang Huang, Wei Ting Chen, Chung Long Pan

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The microwave dielectric properties of the (1 - x)(Mg 0.95Ni 0.05)TiO 3-x(Ca 0.8Sr 0.2)TiO 3 ceramic system prepared by mixed oxide route have been investigated. The crystal structures and the microstructures of the ceramics were characterized by means X-ray and scanning electron microscopy. The microwave dielectric properties are strongly related to the density and matrix of the specimen. Combination of (Mg 0.95Ni 0.05)TiO 3 (ilmenite-type structure) and (Ca 0.8Sr 0.2)TiO 3 (perovskite-structured) forms a two-phase system and leads to a near-zero temperature coefficient (τ f). With increasing x, the quality factor (Q × f) decreased and dielectric constant (ε r) increased. A new microwave dielectric material 0.95(Mg 0.95Ni 0.05)TiO 3-0.05(Ca 0.8Sr 0.2)TiO 3, possessing excellent microwave dielectric properties with a dielectric constant (ε r) of 21.68, a quality factor (Q × f) of 94,000 (GHz) and a temperature coefficient (τ f) of approximately -5.2 ppm/°C at 1275°C for 4 h, is proposed as a suitable candidate material for microwave applications requiring low dielectric loss.

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期刊International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology
出版狀態Published - 2012 三月 1

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