Microwave dielectric properties of novel Na2Mg5-xZnx(MoO4)6 (x = 0–0.09) ceramics for ULTCC applications

Cheng Liang Huang, Jyun Lin Huang, Tsung Hsien Hsu

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Novel Na2Mg5-xZnx(MoO4)6 (x = 0–0.09) microwave dielectrics were synthesized for ULTCC (ultra-low temperature co-fired ceramics) applications while the effect of Zn substitution on the microwave dielectric properties of the ceramics was systematically investigated. The Raman spectrum of the specimen was also analyzed. All samples can be sintered at a temperature lower than 610 °C and formed a triclinic structured solid solution with a space group of P-1 (2). Microwave dielectric properties of the specimens can be dramatically enhanced with minutely substituting Mg with Zn. Specimen with x = 0.07 at 570 °C revealed the highest Q×f of 46,000 GHz along with εr of 7.62 and τf of –25.3 ppm/°C. With 1 mol% of TiO2 added, remarkable values combined an εr of 8.8, a Q×f of 31,100 GHz and a τf of –4.2 ppm/°C, can all be achieved for the ceramic sintered at 570 °C. Since the specimen is chemically compatible with the Al electrode, we anticipate that the ULTCC candidate material so investigated would be highly promising for today's high-frequency 5 G applications.

期刊Materials Research Bulletin
出版狀態Published - 2021 9月

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