Modifications of the ionosphere prior to large earthquakes: report from the Ionosphere Precursor Study Group

K. I. Oyama, M. Devi, K. Ryu, C. H. Chen, J. Y. Liu, H. Liu, L. Bankov, T. Kodama

研究成果: Article

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The current status of ionospheric precursor studies associated with large earthquakes (EQ) is summarized in this report. It is a joint endeavor of the “Ionosphere Precursor Study Task Group,” which was formed with the support of the Mitsubishi Foundation in 2014–2015. The group promotes the study of ionosphere precursors (IP) to EQs and aims to prepare for a future EQ dedicated satellite constellation, which is essential to obtain the global morphology of IPs and hence demonstrate whether the ionosphere can be used for short-term EQ predictions. Following a review of the recent IP studies, the problems and specific research areas that emerged from the one-year project are described. Planned or launched satellite missions dedicated (or suitable) for EQ studies are also mentioned.

期刊Geoscience Letters
出版狀態Published - 2016 十二月 1


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