Modulated Al2O3-Alloyed Ga2O3 Materials and Deep Ultraviolet Photodetectors

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To modulate the cutoff wavelength of the metal-semiconductor-metal deep ultraviolet photodetectors (MSM DUV-PDs), the aluminum content of the aluminium oxide-Alloyed gallium oxide (Ga2O3:Al2O3) absorption layers was deposited using radio frequency (RF) magnetron cosputter system with dual targets, in which the Ga2O3 target was sputtered with an RF power of 100 W and the Al2O3 target sputtered with various RF powers. The optical bandgap energy of the Ga2O3:Al2O3 films increased with an increase of the Al content deposited with a larger sputtered RF power of the Al2O3 target. In view of the suppression effect of the oxygen vacancy and the defect by the more Al-O bonds in the Ga2O3:Al2O3 absorption layer, the noise performances and the detectivity of the MSM DUV-PDs were improved. For depositing the Al atomic percentage of 5.9% in the Ga2O3:Al2O3 absorption layer, the resulting MSM DUV-PDs revealed the cutoff wavelength of 230 nm, the noise equivalent power of 2.80 × 10^{-12} W, and the detectivity of 1.37 × 1011 cmHz0.5W-1.Furthermore, the dominant low-frequency noise source was the flicker noise.

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期刊IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
出版狀態Published - 2018 三月 15

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