MTJ variation monitor-assisted adaptive MRAM write

Shaodi Wang, Hochul Lee, Cecile Grezes, Pedram Khalili, Kang L. Wang, Puneet Gupta

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Spin-transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM) and magnetoelectric random access memory (MeRAM) are promising non-volatile memory technologies. But STT-RAM and Me RAM both suffer from high write error rate due to thermal fluctuation of magnetization. Temperature and wafer-level process variation significantly exacerbate these problems. In this paper, we propose a design that adaptively selects optimized write pulse for STT-RAM and MeRAM to overcome ambient process and temperature variation. To enable the adaptive write, we design specific MTJ-based variation monitor, which precisely senses process and temperature variation. The monitor is over 10X faster, 5X more energy-efficient, and 20X smaller compared with conventional thermal monitors of similar accuracy. With adaptive write, the write latency of STT-RAM and MeRAM cache are reduced by up to 17% and 59% respectively, and application run time is improved by up to 41%.

主出版物標題Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Design Automation Conference, DAC 2016
發行者Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
出版狀態Published - 2016 六月 5
事件53rd Annual ACM IEEE Design Automation Conference, DAC 2016 - Austin, United States
持續時間: 2016 六月 52016 六月 9


名字Proceedings - Design Automation Conference


Conference53rd Annual ACM IEEE Design Automation Conference, DAC 2016
國家/地區United States

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