Multi-gate MOSFET compact model BSIM-MG

Darsen Lu, Chung Hsun Lin, Ali Niknejad, Chenming Hu

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As the scaling of conventional planar CMOS is reaching its limits, multiple-gate CMOS structures will likely take up the baton. To facilitate circuit simulation in such advanced technologies, we have developed BSIM-MG: a versatile compact model for multi-gate MOSFETs. In this chapter separate formulations for common multi-gate and independent multi-gate MOSFETs are presented. The core I-V and C-V models are derived and agree well with TCAD simulations without using fitting parameters, reflecting the predictivity and scalability of the model. Physical effects such as volume inversion, short channel effects and quantum mechanical effects are included in the model. We verify BSIM-MG against triple-gate SOI FinFET experimental data. The model fits data very well across a wide range of biases, gate lengths and temperatures. It is also computationally efficient and suitable for simulating large circuits. Finally, several multi-gate circuit simulation examples are presented to demonstrate the use of the model.

主出版物標題Compact Modeling
主出版物子標題Principles, Techniques and Applications
發行者Springer Netherlands
出版狀態Published - 2010 十二月 1

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