Multiband photometry of selected areas in a study of galactic structure

P. K. Lu, W. S. Tsay, A. B.C. Chen, R. Chen, W. H. Sun, Y. I. Byun, W. P. Chen, T. H. Chiueh, H. J. Kuo, D. Burstein, J. J. Hester, R. A. Windhorst, L. Z. Fang, J. S. Chen, J. Zhu, L. C. Deng, X. H. Fan, Z. J. Jiang, Y. Li, H. WuM. Zhang, Z. Y. Zheng, X. Zhou, F. Z. Chen, Z. G. Deng, Y. Q. Chu, J. Su, Z. H. Shang, H. J. Yan, X. Y. Xia

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The BATC (Beijing-Arizona-Taipei-Connecticut) intermediate-band 15 filter photometry system has been tested by using the Michigan Curtis Schmidt telescope at CTIO taking one-degree fields around NGC 288, SA 92, 94, 95, Lp 543-32/33. BVRI and uvby, Hβ filter observations of these same fields were also made using the 0.9 m CTIO telescope. The main purpose of these observations is to compare the results from the standard filter color systems (UBVRI and ubvy, Hβ) to those we can construct from the BATC filter system. These fields were chosen based on available filter color data in those systems. The BATC data are being taken on a Schmidt telescope similar to that at CTIO, so that these observations can provide an independent source of calibration for the BATC data. This is a report on the status of this study.

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期刊Baltic Astronomy
出版狀態Published - 1997

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  • 天文和天體物理學
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