Nanoindentation characteristics of clamped freestanding Cu membranes

Tong Hong Wang, Te Hua Fang, Shao Hui Kang, Yu Cheng Lin

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This research employed instrumented nanoindentation to address the issue of bending to stretching-induced deformation of clamped freestanding Cu membranes. The experimental results show that indentation-induced plastic deformation only comes into effect at the centre and the indented edge of the Cu membrane when the indenter is applied, while the other locations remain undamaged. A step-by-step evolution was presumed for the time histories of the bending to stretching-induced deformation and for the timing of the significant change in slope of the load-deflection curve. Deformation was deliberately introduced at the transition from the single-point bending indentation to the surface stretching indentation at the impact location touched with the indenter. Good elastic recovery was found at locations away from the indenter. A similar finding can be arrived at by means of finite element analysis.

出版狀態Published - 2007 4月 4

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