Narrowing of Al2O3, Y3Al5O12 and ZrO2 eutectic lamellae by rapid solidification in Al2O3 based eutectic composites

J. M. Calderon-Moreno, M. Yoshimura

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The fabrication of bulk ceramic composites with homogeneous structure in the nano-scale is a difficult challenge. Multi-step methods based on synthesis and sintering of ceramic nanopowders, or methods using deposition from gas phases are complex and require high energy input with very low energetic efficiency, so they are not practical. However, bulk ceramic composites with a naturally self-assembled structure may be formed by solidification from eutectic melts. Smaller eutectic spacing may be obtained by using rapid solidification. We report here the rapid solidification in an arc-image furnace of eutectic melts in the system alumina-Y3Al5O12-zirconia. Ceramic eutectic composites grown from melt have homogeneous bulk structure and lamella sizes in the submicron to the nanoscale range.

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期刊Materials Transactions
出版狀態Published - 2001

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