Natural convection in an enclosure heated from below with a conductive horizontal partition

Heiu Jou Shaw, Chao Kuang Chen, Jiin Yuh Jang

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This paper investigates the phenomenon of natural convection in an enclosure heated from below, fitted with a completely horizontal conductive partition. The horizontal partition is parallel to the two horizontal isothermal enclosure walls, which are maintained at different temperatures, while the vertical walls of the enclosure are adiabatic. The governing equations for stream function, vorticity, and energy are solved with the aid of the cubic spline collocation method. Parametric studies of the effects of the partition on the fluid flow and temperature fields in the enclosure have been performed. Numerical results indicate that the effects of the conductivity ratio of the partition and the aspect ratio of the enclosure on the heat-transfer rate are not significant. However, the location of the partition affects the fluid flow and heat-transfer rate profoundly. Numerical results are also compared with the results obtained from a flow visualization experiment. The streamline distribution obtained from numerical result is shown to be in good agreement with the experimental results.

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期刊Journal of thermophysics and heat transfer
出版狀態Published - 1988

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