Near field effect on elasticity measurement for cartilage-bone structure using Lamb wave method

Hao Xu, Shigao Chen, Kai Nan An, Zong Ping Luo

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Background: Cartilage elasticity changes with cartilage degeneration. Hence, cartilage elasticity detection might be an alternative to traditional imaging methods for the early diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Based on the wave propagation measurement, Shear wave elastography (SWE) become an emerging non-invasive elasticity detection method. The wave propagation model, which is affected by tissue shapes, is crucial for elasticity estimating in SWE. However, wave propagation model for cartilage was unclear. Methods: This study aimed to establish a wave propagation model for the cartilage-bone structure. We fabricated a cartilage-bone structure, and studied the elasticity measurement and wave propagation by experimental and numerical Lamb wave method (LWM). Results: Results indicated the wave propagation model satisfied the lamb wave theory for two-layered structure. Moreover, a near field region, which affects wave speed measurements and whose occurrence can be prevented if the wave frequency is larger than one critical frequency, was observed. Conclusion: Our findings would provide a theoretical foundation for further application of LWM in elasticity measurement of cartilage in vivo. It can help the application of LWM to the diagnosis of osteoarthritis.

期刊Biomedical engineering online
出版狀態Published - 2017 10月 30

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