Network-aware P2P file sharing over the wireless mobile networks

Chung Ming Huang, Tz Heng Hsu, Ming Fa Hsu

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With the coming wireless mobile networks era and the popular use of P2P applications, how to improve the resource retrieval and discovery for P2P file sharing applications in wireless mobile networks becomes a critical issue. In this paper, we propose a novel network-aware P2P file architecture and related control schemes that can provide continuous resource retrieval and discovery for mobile users over the wireless network environment. The proposed architecture divides a P2P file sharing network into multiple network-aware clusters, in which peers are assigned to a network-aware cluster using a network prefix division. Accordingly, there are two designs for supporting mobile peers to retrieve files in wireless mobile networks. First, a novel file discovery control scheme named mobility-aware file discovery control (MAFDC) scheme is devised to obtain fresh status of shared peers and find the new resource providing peers in wireless mobile networks. Second, a resource provider selection algorithm is devised to enable a mobile peer to select new resource providing peers for continuous file retrieval.

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期刊IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
出版狀態Published - 2007 1月

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  • 電腦網路與通信
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