Nitrogen removal from low C/N wastewater in a novel Sharon&DSR (denitrifying sulfide removal) reactor

Hongliang Guo, Tongyuan He, Jo Shu Chang, Peng Liu, Duu Jong Lee

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Denitrification reactions commonly remove nitrate and other reactive nitrogen (Nr) from wastewater. The C/N ratio indicates the sufficiency of organic carbons to drive heterotrophic denitrification; a low C/N ratio frequently leads to poor denitrification performance in wastewater treatment. This study proposed and tested a novel Sharon&DSR (denitrifying sulfide removal) process, with nitrite generated by the Sharon reactions and sulfide from sulfur-reducing reactions for promoting the following nitrite-based denitrification and denitrifying sulfide removal (DSR) process. The present reactor can remove nitrate at an efficiency of 97.7 %−93.5 % at an influent C/N ratio of 0.646–0.737 over a 96-d continuous-flow test. The microbial community study reveals the functional strains corresponding to individual groups of critical reactions. The stoichiometry analysis reveals the potential to apply the nitrite-based DSR process for Nr removal from ultra-low C/N (<0.64) wastewaters, experimentally demonstrated in the present study with a C/N ratio of 0.16–0.39.

期刊Bioresource technology
出版狀態Published - 2022 10月

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