Nonlinear dynamics and control of a cube robot

Teh Lu Liao, Sian Jhe Chen, Cheng Chang Chiu, Jun Juh Yan

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The paper aims to solve problems of the mathematical modeling and realization of a cube robot capable of self-bouncing and self-balancing. First, the dynamic model of the cube robot is derived by using the conservation of the angular momentum and the torque equilibrium theory. Furthermore, the controllability of the cube robot is analyzed and the angle of the cube robot is derived from the attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). Then the parallel proportional– integral–derivative (PID) controller is proposed for the balancing control of the self-designed cube robot. As for the bounce control of the cube robot, a braking system triggered by the servo motor is designed for converting the kinetic energy to the potential energy. Finally, the experimental results are included to demonstrate that the cube robot can complete the actions of self-bouncing and self-balancing with good robustness to external disturbances.

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出版狀態Published - 2020 十月

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