Nonvolatile resistive switching memory utilizing cobalt embedded in gelatin

Cheng Jung Lee, Yu Chi Chang, Li Wen Wang, Yeong Her Wang

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This study investigates the preparation and electrical properties of Al/cobalt-embedded gelatin (CoG)/ indium tin oxide (ITO) resistive switching memories. Co. elements can be uniformly distributed in gelatin without a conventional dispersion procedure, as confirmed through energy dispersive X-ray analyzer and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy observations. With an appropriate Co. concentration, Co. ions can assist the formation of an interfacial AlOx layer and improve the memory properties. High ON/OFF ratio, good retention capability, and good endurance switching cycles are demonstrated with 1 M Co. concentration, in contrast to 0.5 M and 2 M memory devices. This result can be attributed to the suitable thickness of the interfacial AlOx layer, which acts as an oxygen reservoir and stores and releases oxygen during switching. The Co. element in a solution-processed gelatin matrix has high potential for bio-electronic applications.

出版狀態Published - 2017 12月 26

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