Observation of nano copper in waste heat boiler fly ashes

C. Y. Chen, H. Paul Wang, Yu Ling Wei, C. J.G. Jou, Y. C. Huang

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Fly ashes collected from waste heat boilers in the incineration process may possess representative chemical structure of toxic metals during incineration and their changes in the quench process at 1125-553 K and 503-493 K, respectively. Note that copper may play an important role in catalytic formation of dioxins during incineration. Speciation of copper in the fly ashes has, therefore, been studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy in the present work. About 24% of nano copper in the fly ash was observed by least-squares-fitted XANES (X-ray absorption near edge structural) spectroscopy. Sintering of the fly ash at 1423 K for 30 min led to a reduction of the nano CuO content to 8%.

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期刊Radiation Physics and Chemistry
發行號11 SPEC. ISS.
出版狀態Published - 2006 11月

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