Observed near-surface currents under four super typhoons

Yu Chia Chang, Peter C. Chu, Luca R. Centurioni, Ruo Shan Tseng

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The upper ocean currents under four category-5 (super) typhoons [Chaba (2004), Maon (2004), Saomai (2006), and Jangmi (2008)] were studied using data from four drifters of the Surface Velocity Program (SVP) (Niiler, 2001) in the northwestern Pacific. Maximum current velocities occurring to the right of the super typhoon tracks were observed as 2.6ms-1 for slow-moving (2.9ms-1) Maon, 2.1ms-1 for typical-moving Chaba (5.1ms-1), 1.4ms-1 for fast-moving Jangmi (6.8ms-1), and 1.2ms-1 for fast-moving Saomai (8.1ms-1). Furthermore, dependence of the mixed layer current velocity under a super typhoon on its translation speed and statistical relationships between the maximum current speed and the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale are also provided.

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期刊Journal of Marine Systems
出版狀態Published - 2014 11月 1

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